About us

Hi there, we are the SimSisters. Originally from Ukraine currently residing in Israel, we are the kind of sisters that cannot be separated for too long. After all we have been together since childhood.
No wonder we ended up creating together...
Sometimes it seems as if we are coordinating our live 


We are the dream makers

Since 2011 we have been creating our realm  under our previous name “Kimuka”. Lately two tiny persons were added to our lives and family, amongst the many reconfigurations, we decided to refresh our shop, and “SimSisters” was born.

Why “SimSisters”? The two of us are illustrators, photographers, working moms, and best friends, but before all that, we were simply sisters. Being new moms, each to her daughter, emphasizes this initial connection we share. “SimSisters” feels natural...

Amongst other things, we are inspired by children’s literature and the dream world. This shop is where we unite two different points of view into one inspirational space, full of our creations. Everything in our shop is based on our original illustrations.

Please keep in mind that almost all of our items can be personalized to your request, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!